Current issues of RPVS, RPO, decision Sovim and VI. AML package EU

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Our experts Andrej Leontiev und Kristina Kesnerova are part of the online Beck Akadémie Seminár „Current issues of RPVS, RPO, decision Sovim and VI. AML package EU“. The webinar will analyse the current legislation and practice of identification and registration of beneficial owners (UBOs), with a praticular focus on the issue of publicity of UBO data.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of this issue, it is essential to examine the modifications and functionality of both the UBO register within the RPO and the RPVS. Furthermore, the impact of the so-called 'green light' must be considered from the EU's perspective.

The webinar will address the following key topics:

  • basic principles on which the RPVS is based
  • identification and registration of UBOs in RPVS as a KYC process of the state
  • the role of gatekeeps in the fight against money laundering
  • comparison of the RPVS regime and the UBO register, which is a transposition of the EU AML Directive
  • 7 years of RPVS in data and decision-making practice
  • the content of the so-called Sovim decisions and its impact on the VI. AML package and on the publicity of data on UBOs in RPO and RPVS
  • news brought by the VI. AML package in the field of UBO and current direction and challenges of legal regulation of UBO registers

This webinar is suitable for all attorneys and other obliged persons under the AML Act who come into contact with the identification and registration of beneficial owners in their practice.



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