Kurzarbeit (short-time work), implementation of EU directives and other news in labour law

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The webinar organised by sféra will cover the topic "Kurzarbeit, implementation of EU directives and other innovations in labour law" as well as the topic "Remuneration in the employment relationship".

During the webinar, among others, the following questions will be answered:

  • Will the Short-Time Work Act be an effective instrument to cope with a renewed labour market crisis?
  • What needs to be prepared in connection with the implementation of the Directive on Transparent and Predictable?
  • Working Conditions in the EU and the Directive on Reconciliation of Work and Family Life?
  • What is a wage and what is not considered a wage?
  • How can discrimination in the remuneration of employees be prevented?
  • What are paid overtime, holiday work, Saturday and Sunday work and night work?


The webinar will be held in Slovak.

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