MiCA Regulation: The way ahead

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In recent years, lack of clear regulatory frameworks on crypto-assets has been cause for a lot of headache for the regulators around the globe. Aiming to address regulatory risk related to the issuing and trading of crypto-assets in its jurisdiction, the EU has created a harmonised regulatory framework that is due to become operational by the end of this year.

As the go-live date(s) for the new framework are edging ever closer, the industry is preparing for compliance with the new rules and is waiting for the EU lawmakers to finalise the MiCA puzzle with the delegated acts that are expected to provide some helpful clarifications of some key pieces of the new framework.

But what exactly will change for the crypto-industry in 2024, where do we stand with the delegated acts at this point and what are some practical aspects of the new rules that the industry shall keep in mind in the meantime?

Find out in live our webinar during which Dr. Verena Ritter Döring and Miroslav Đurić LL.M. from our Frankfurt office together with Carmen Redmann-Wippel from our Vienna office will help you find the answers to these questions.

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