artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been promised as a game changer. And now it's here. Recent advances have highlighted the potential of this exciting technology and made its implementation a business priority.

It's disrupting every sector. Life sciences companies are using it to develop new antibiotics. Tech companies are using it to advance software and speed up its development. Financial services companies are using it to protect customers. And automotive companies are using it to improve the manufacturing process, with an eye on one day creating fully autonomous vehicles.

Nearly limitless potential of AI 

With near limitless potential applications, it can be hard to know where you can benefit most from AI. That's where we come in. We're an innovation-focused firm, with a reputation built on working at the forefront of new areas of law and regulation – including artificial intelligence. 

Legal challenges: copyright and IP, customer data, discrimination 

We've advised clients on all aspects of AI. We've helped developers create the technology in accordance with regulation. Advised companies how to introduce it in their business. And helped investors sort the hype from the actual opportunities.

AI's resurgence in popularity has also brought more scrutiny. Now more than ever, it's important you stay on the right side of the law concerning topics like copyright and IP, customer data, and discrimination. 

Stay on the right side of AI law

We can help you use AI to seize the competitive advantage whilst steering clear of risk. We'll help you implement it safely. Advise you on using it transparently and complying with regulation. And help you assess the ethical implications of how its use will affect your people and customers.

Below we've laid out our latest thinking on AI, updates on regulatory developments, and our work with clients. If you need help with implementing AI, please get in touch.

Our expertise

Taylor Wessing’s international full-service advisory approach consists of experts who co-operate in interdisciplinary and cross-jurisdictional teams to cover all relevant legal aspects in connection with AI. Thereby, we advise companies across the whole AI landscape – be it AI developers, companies who use AI software within their business activities or investors which finance upcoming AI start-ups.  

In addition to providing legal advice on AI products, we use the efficiency benefits of AI tools in our day-to-day client work. For example, we use AI-supported software to simplify standardised processes in contract review and drafting and thus optimise our advisory services for our clients in terms of costs and time. Nevertheless, our legal experts always remain the final decision-makers.

International AI regulation

We can help ensure you comply with AI regulation wherever you do business. We have particular expertise advising on the EU AI Act and on the UK National AI Strategy, but also have experience advising on emerging AI regulation in the US and China. In all these regions we have specialists with in-depth legal knowledge concerning AI.

Intellectual property

Is it clear who owns the content that generative AI platforms create for you, or your customers? Do copyright, patent and trademark infringement apply to AI creations? Before your business can embrace the benefits of generative AI, you need to understand the potential risks and how to protect yourself. 

Our experts understand the legal challenges that come with AI content and related IP ownership as well as the intricacies of training generative AI tools.

Data protection

AI tools are reshaping industries. But one thing that will never change – needing to protect your users' data. We can help you preserve privacy rights whilst unleashing the benefits of AI. We have experience helping companies create privacy-related documentation for the use of AI, data transfer agreements, and data privacy strategies, and advise on all data protection issues which may arise in relation to AI.

Corporate transactions

The AI sector is considered to be one of the fastest growing in the global economy. It's creating numerous innovative start-ups, which – especially at the beginning of their life cycle – are dependent on external financing. 

At Taylor Wessing, we accompany both investors and AI start-ups in their financing rounds and also advise on mergers and acquisitions within the sector.  

Finance & cryptocurrencies

Today's global financial system would be unimaginable without the use of technology, with online banking and fintech integral to everyday life. But the financial services sector is also highly regulated, and introducing AI technologies must be done carefully.

We can advise you on all areas of compliance and risk management concerning AI in financial services, including the use of chatbots in customer service or securities trading and collective portfolio management based on AI software.


The AI revolution doesn't stop at employment. There are a wide variety of AI tools that can be used to simplify and manage HR systems and processes. But their use can also introduce risk if they're not used carefully, with cases of discrimination against applicants based on age, gender or ethnicity reported.

We can advise you on which current international AI regulations apply to HR systems and explain which legal requirements your company has to fulfil to ensure you're operating on safe ground.

Life sciences & healthcare

AI is being used in the life sciences and healthcare sector to develop more accurate and efficient medical treatments, identifying patterns and analysing information faster than human practitioners are capable of doing alone. But in such a highly regulated sector, a balance must be found between the reasonable use of AI and the protection of patients' privacy.

We offer our clients comprehensive advice on the current legislative initiatives affecting life sciences and healthcare, and specialise in advising on the handling of personal data.

Product liability & litigation

AI software liability is one of the hot topics in current legislative processes around the world, with fierce debate on what party is liable to what extent for the damage caused by an AI product.

We can help you clarify liability issues in relation to your AI products, and will represent you in and out of court against consumer claims or mass actions.

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