The legacy of COVID-19: what's next for the office sector?

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In light of COVID-19 there's been a lot of discussion around the future of offices. As occupancy rates in the City linger at well under 50%, this session will look at what options are available to landlords and occupiers. We will discuss...

  • What can corporate occupiers do if they find themselves with a surplus of space on their hands? 
  • What measures can investors in the office sector take to make sure they don’t end up with voids and are still able to attract premium rents? 
  • What planning considerations do developers need to think about?
  • What role does data have to play in ensuring that office workers are able to return to their workplace as safely as possible?
  • How can data be used to optimise the office experience for workers in the future? 
  • Will one of the legacies of COVID-19 be that investors in the office sector are finally persuaded by the ROI of incorporating proptech into their offering?

We hope you can join us.

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