Prevention and resolution of disputes with China

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"Force majeure", delivery delays, quality problems using the example of corona protection equipment, but also classic legal questions concerning the acceptance of plants, technology licences, product imitators, joint ventures or the enforcement of judgements and arbitral awards are new and old challenges for the mechanical and plant engineering industry in business with China.

Our lawyer LI Guang will make suggestions on how to avoid disputes with China and present possible solutions based on the presentation of current cases from his cross-border consulting practice. In doing so, he will also shed light on the mistakes that are repeatedly made even by experienced companies and will provide insights into cultural aspects of China's legal and business world by means of a "red thread".

The event is aimed at both beginners and advanced students of Chinese business, mainly from the fields of law, purchasing, sales and management. This offer may be interesting for you and your company. The web conference is coordinated by the VDMA legal department, which will address current practical issues in trading with China. It is reserved for VDMA members, who can register via this LINK ( after myVDMA login).

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