UPC: Preliminary Injunctions and Seizures

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The LESI Dispute Resolution Committee invites you to attend the last session of the UPC webinar series.


  • Peter Blok, UPC Appeal Court Judge (NL)
  • Sam Granata, UPC Judge, Local Division Brussels (BE)
  • James Horgan, assistant managing counsel MSD (UK)
  • Arno Riße, patent lawyer at Arnold-Ruess (DE)
  • Thomas Adocker, patent lawyer at Taylor Wessing (Austria)

Moderator: Marleen van den Horst, patent lawyer at LGGA (NL)



1. PI proceedings (inter partes / ex parte)

  • When and where to start? - urgency/proportionaiity
  • Cross border PI – only for UPC contracting MS,or also for non UPC, EU MS and/or other EPO countries?
  • Protective letter/writ – where to file, publicly accessible, known to patentee, level of detail?
  • Defence of invalidity also assessed?
  • When PI granted, proceedings on the merits need to follow. When, where, counterclaim for invalidity?
  • When PI granted, but later patent invalidated/revoked, defendant entitled to damages? CJEU Bayer vs. Richter

2. Seizures

  • How/where to start?
  • Requirements for seizure/inspection of premises and access to property/evidence seized? National law/courts?
  • Proceedings (PI or on the merits) following the seizure
  • Protection of trade secrets/confidentiality related to seized information

3. Revocation/invalidity proceedings EPC / UPC: in parallel? How will they interact? Strategic (dis)advantages to start both? Timing?


This event is free for participants.

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