Ilona is a partner in our Restructuring and Insolvency group. She specialises in insolvency law, financial restructuring and securities. Clients value her sharp analyses and to-the-point advice.

Ilona advises distressed companies, directors, lenders and licensees in insolvency and restructuring situations. She has particular experience in director liability claims, (internal) investigations and insolvency litigation. Ilona is also your go-to legal advisor in (WHOA) restructuring cases. If insolvency related disputes arise, she knows how to protect her clients and will help guide you through. She regularly acts as a court appointed trustee in insolvency proceedings as well. 


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Actualités et publications récentes

Banque et finance

Dutch/UK insolvencies in a post-Brexit world

6 mars 2018

par Andrei Babiy et Ilona van de Klundert

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Technologie, Médias et Communications (TMC)

What do this year’s elections mean for business leaders? With Rory Stewart

In the first episode of The Big Picture, academic, writer, adventurer, politician, and diplomat Rory Stewart joins us to discuss what the outcome of this year’s UK and US elections could mean for businesses.

20 juin 2024
In-depth analysis

par Leona Ahmed

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Mode et luxe

Fashion & Luxury Market Update

19 juin 2024
Quick read

par plusieurs auteurs

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Droit de la consommation

Artistic control or market manipulation?

17 juin 2024
In-depth analysis

par plusieurs auteurs

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